Original staff of Beech House

This is the original Beech House Dental Team when the practice first opened in Eastbourne in 1917.  The practice originally started directly over the road where the picture was taken and back then our building was  a Rectory. The picture shows brothers Hedley and Hubert Visick who were the founders of the Practice.  The back row are the Technicians and Dental Nurses.

The permanent St Peter’s Church was the outcome of a gift by the Duke of Devonshire costing £5,000.  The Rectory for this Church was in fact 16 College Road before it became a Dental Surgery.  Eventually, this church was demolished and is now a block of flats.  The congregation moved backed to the newly renamed St Saviour’s and St Peter’s Church which is in South Street.

Edna Lyall who lived with her sister (wife of Rev Jameson) wrote to a friend In 1892 ‘ Yesterday I was extravagant enough to buy the adjoining plot of land. the owner threatened to build upon it…We mean to make a tennis lawn.’ This plot of land is now our car park!

This is The Beech House Dental Team from circa 2018, outside our beautiful building.  The Practice has grown over the years, it’s core is still family centred dentistry but alongside this we also now provide a Referral service for other dentists. We have 6 Dentists, 3 Hygienists, 10 Dental Nurses and 2 Receptionists.  M & M Laboratory are located at the side of our building has 3 Technicians who make all our lovely denture work.



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