Primary RCT thru crown LL7

At Beech House we are fortunate to work with some excellent local referring dentists to offer a range of endodontic services, which include:

  • management of curved and/or calcified canals
  • retreatments and difficult access cases
  • cases involving endodontic treatment on teeth carrying crowns and bridges
  • small volume CBCT scans to aid diagnosis and planning

    6 months healed apical lucnecy UR6 after re-RCT
    6 months healed apical lucency UR6 after re-RCT

Our philosophy

We enjoy working closely with our referring dentists. To provide high-quality treatment, using the best equipment and materials, in as stress-free environment as possible. We aim to charge realistic fees as we are aware that patients will often have to plan for a crown afterwards with their dentist.  We take care of your patients, explaining our procedures and aftercare thoroughly. We always advise that your patients return to your care. We understand that as referrers you expect the best care for your patients.


We use specialized equipment, including: Operating microscope (Zeiss Extaro) to aid in visualisation and illumination of the canal structures. 3-D small volume CBCT (Kavo) to aid diagnosis and planning

Morita ZX Dentaport apex locator, XSmart Pro+ rotary handpieces, system B and Sybron endo back fill thermoplastic and Bioceramic (hydraulic) obturation systems.

Re-RCT LL6, showing good healing at 6 months
Trunatomy NiTi sequence


We welcome visits by our fellow colleagues to see our facilities and meet our team.

All endodontic treatment carried out is on a private basis.

  • Initial consultation * (will be required in most cases) £66
  • Endodontic treatment per tooth £450 (incisor) to £750 (molar)
  • Endodontic retreatment per tooth, from  £550 – £850

We will always advise your patients about treatment costs and treatment options at their first visit.

* Why is an initial consultation required?

An initial consultation is an excellent opportunity to discuss issues about the case and the treatment with your patient. It is also a good way of your patient getting to know us and the environment and universally we have found that your patients find this initial visit invaluable. We also recognise that root canal treatments with their long appointments and rubber dam are not for everyone and it is often useful to discuss this at a consultation visit first rather than at a planned treatment appointment.

Please note that it is our policy that accounts are settled at every visit.



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