As a Denplan member, you have a monthly payment to cover all the routine care and treatment needed to keep teeth and gums healthy.

The monthly amount is determined by an examination of your mouth. The amount you pay depends on a number of factors including how many fillings, root fillings and crowns you have.

A special examination of your mouth by your dentist gives us the information we need to tell you what your level of payment will be.

In the current year, 2024, the monthly amounts (£) for the five payment bands are as follow

 per month £16.24 £24.36 £29.21 £39.05 £46.60


The monthly amounts above does not include the 60p supplementary insurance element.

As an illustration, a person with an average number of fillings and healthy gums may be in band B or C.

Someone with a number of root filled teeth and/or crowns and bridges could be in D or E.

There are some items that Denplan Care does not cover for example laboratory fees and cosmetic treatment.

You can find out more from the Denplan leaflet available from reception or ask our reception team who will be pleased to help you.

Alternatively, take a look at the Denplan website

How do I join Denplan?

New patients

Denplan member at another practice
If you are already a Denplan member with another practice and are thinking of joining us you should ask your dentist for a Denplan leaving form. Bring this with you when you arrive for your first appointment which will be a cost of £85 for the New patient exam. At this appointment the dentist will assess you to see if you are still in the same Denplan Band.
Please bear in mind that the monthly fee is set by the individual practice and so will more than likely be different to what it has been. See the table on the left for our monthly fees.

New to Denplan
If you are joining our practice and do not already have Denplan membership we will need to see you for an initial consultation. Check fee We will then advise you of the monthly fee payable. The first payment will be a double amount which is the Denplan joining fee.

Current Patients

We will normally wish to see you for a Denplan assessment appointment. This can be done at your routine check up. We will then advise you of the monthly fee payable.

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