Flexible dental payment plans to help you make private dentistry affordable


Initial consultation (including x-rays if required) £85.00
Routine examination £66.00
PA or Bite wing X-rays from  £15.50
OPG £45.00
CBCT £75.00


30 minute hygienist appointment £70.00
Scale and polish (by your dentist as a separate visit) £70.00


White (tooth coloured) fillings small  £98.00
medium  £152.00
large  £189.00

Cosmetic treatment

Whitening - for upper OR lower teeth £250.00
Whitening - for upper AND lower teeth from £390.00
Veneer from  £605.00
Cosmetic crown (non metal) £640.00

Root treatment

Endodontist (microscope) anterior tooth from £450
Endodontist (microscope) molar tooth from £750
Apicectomy From £650.00
Molar re-treatment from £800.00
CBCT small volume scan £75.00

Tooth replacement

Tooth coloured crowns from  £540.00
Re-cementing a crown from  £78.00
Maryland adhesive bridge from  £500.00
Conventional bridge (per tooth) from  £540.00
Full upper and lower acrylic (plastic) dentures £2,200
Full upper OR lower acrylic denture £1,100
Partial acrylic denture (upper or lower) from  £770.00
Partial chrome cobalt (metal) denture (upper or lower) from  £1650.00
Adding a tooth to a denture £180.00
Denture repair (with impression by dentist) £132.00

Other treatment

Tooth extractions simple  £130.00
complex from  £250.00
Bite raising appliance - simple acrylic £350.00
Gum shields - various types available from  £98.00

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