COVID-19: routine dental care ends throughout the UK
News Published: 26 March 2020
This week the Chief Dental Officers (CDOs) have issued further COVID-19 letters which end all routine care, and most or all urgent care, in general dental practices throughout the UK.

The key new points, effective immediately, are:

Cease ALL routine dental care (including orthodontics) (UK-wide)
Cease ALL aerosol generating procedures (UK-wide)
Offer patients with urgent needs appropriate advice and prescriptions over the phone (UK-wide)
Cease ALL face-to-face urgent care (England, Scotland)
Other new advice includes:

Dental team members who are pregnant or immunosuppressed should not provide or assist in the direct care of patients
Update practices’ messaging and websites
Stop all community outreach activities
Practices in England should inform their regional commissioner of any change in practice availability hours or cover arrangements



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