Dental Tip of the Month

Easter is a very difficult time to avoid sugar-rich foods. We’ve come up with a few ideas to help you to protect your teeth over the upcoming bank holidays:

  • When you have a sweet treat try to wash the sugar away with some water afterwards or use some fluoride containing mouthwash
  • Try to keep sugary foods to meal times, then the rest of the things you eat will have a buffering effect to minimise the damage
  • Rather than have a sweet dessert, consider the cheese course instead. Cheese is a source of calcium and is much better for your teeth.
  • Consider a few sugar-free alternatives, such as sweetener in your tea/coffee, or a Cheese Easter Egg (Cheesteregg)!
  • If you indulge in an Easter egg, try to not nibble on it throughout the day because you will be constantly exposing your teeth to sugar. It’s better to have a big bit at once and to reduce the frequency of your sugar intake in this way.



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