Should I go abroad for dental treatment?

As a profession we are seeing more and more people go abroad for their dental treatment. Whilst some of these people are very happy with the work they have had done, others are not. At Beech House Dental Practice we would recommend having treatment completed in the UK as a minimum. The main problems associated to having dental treatment completed abroad are:

  • Lack of follow up care, usually you will need to see the dentist again if you have had a long or complex course of treatment. This can be very difficult if the dentist is located far away.
  • Language barriers; you may be on a completely different page to what the dentist is saying, dental terminology is very unique and can be difficult to understand even for people who are fluent.
  • UK dentists must have a very formal registration and indemnity subscription. It involves continued professional development in order to keep up to date and to provide the best possible treatment. This maintains a high standard of care and means all UK dentists will follow formal guidelines with regards to different treatments. These rigorous standards may not be as well accepted by other countries.
  • Should something go wrong with your treatment, and you would like it to be remedied in this country, it could involve ordering specialist equipment from the region where the treatment was originally provided. Consequently it can be very costly to rectify the situation in future.



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