Is Tooth Whitening bad for my teeth?

If completed by a safe dental professional, absolutely not. It was originally developed because the gel used to whiten teeth has been shown to reduce inflammation of the gums.

Are there any risks?

Tooth whitening usually causes some sensitivity of the teeth although this subsides shortly after the course of treatment has finished. If there are existing infections around the teeth it can cause these problems to worsen, although any dentist will be able to diagnose and prevent this through routine dental care.

Does it actually work?

When whitening is completed with the correct strength gel, it will absolutely work. It will not whiten the colour of crowns or fillings and so these might need to be replaced afterwards.

Is it safe?

When completed by a dentist, the treatment is very safe and predictable. The results can be a remarkable transformation.

What does it cost?

At Beech House Dental Practice the price starts from just £200 and if you join one of our care plans this fee is discounted. It is also possible to spread the cost out over 10 months interest-free.





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