My child has broken a tooth! What should I do?

Is it a baby tooth or a grown-up tooth? Usually, if they are under 7 it is a baby tooth, although some children have them come through by the age of 5.

If it’s a baby tooth try not to worry, give them some Calpol if it’s sore. If the whole tooth has gone it might have been loose anyway. If it’s broken and the tooth is bleeding from the inside, see a dentist to cover over the exposed part with a filling.

If it’s a grown-up tooth and the tooth is out whole – very quickly try to put the tooth back in place. If you can’t put it back in keep the tooth in some milk and get to a dental practice as soon as possible.

If the tooth has broken, keep the broken fragment in some milk and get to the surgery. It may be possible to stick the fragment back on with some dental glue.



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